Notes On… A Series Introduction…

In the my latest venture in order to maintain my sanity and alleviate some pressure upon my mind in this unstable world of ours, I’ve decided to start a new blog series. Yes, it’s another film blog, one that probably won’t do anything too special, nor doubtful that it will ever find an audience, but it’s something I wanted to do purely for my own sake. Rather this than tweet about it, even though I do tweet a lot, but this something I’d much rather do instead of logging onto twitter and being met by a cavalcade of misery and turmoil and other such nonsense that is currently plaguing humanity at this current juncture in its miserable, depressing history.

So, I’m going something that brings me joy in this desolate landscape that we currently find ourselves located in: a blog in which I watch movies, tv shows, read books and whatnot and note down my thoughts upon them. No doubt something that sends a multitude of my friends eyeballs rolling in their sockets at the sheer thought of such a thing. But hey, they have their own things, and I have mine. Plus, with this, I don’t really mind if this thing finds an audience or not. Like I said, I’m doing this strictly for me. Yes, I could keep a journal, but I like to try this thing out as well.

The nature of this series is not to do anything fancy, nor anything particularly groundbreaking, but simply to note down my thoughts and observations of movies, TV, books etc. Basically anything in the cultural sphere or otherwise that resorts to me needing to take the time to note down my thoughts on the subject.

Anyway, that’s it…



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